2009 Cosmetic Surgery Trends

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery released the results of its annual survey for 2009, revealing a small increase in the number of non-surgical procedures and a moderate decrease in cosmetic surgeries such as abdominoplasty, liposuction and breast augmentation.

According to the aesthetic society, overall demand for cosmetic treatments dropped only two percent in 2009. While plastic surgeons were clearly affected by the recession, many around the country are seeing strong demand in their communities and are therefore very optimistic.

Here in Raleigh, Dr. Davis says that in 2009 his practice saw an increase of 11.5 percent over 2008.

“Although the economy continues to have problems, particularly in terms of unemployment, patients who desire to have cosmetic surgery are finding a way to have it done,” said Dr. Davis.

The general consensus appears to be that various non-surgical treatments and continued interest in breast augmentation are the “recession-proof” offerings keeping doctors busy.

Breast Augmentation Top Surgery 2nd Year Running

For the second year in a row, breast augmentation was the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery, with 311,957 estimated procedures nationwide. Doctors have suggested several reasons for the continued success of breast augmentation:

To the Wall Street Journal, some surgeons mention the reintroduction of silicone gel breast implants as a factor pushing breast augmentation procedures to the top.

Although Dr. Davis agrees, he says, “most young women who are getting breast augmentation were only children when the moratorium on silicone gel implants came down; to them it’s ancient history and they don’t really know what went on.”

The latest statistics show that breast implants are indeed favored among younger women. For patients 19-34 years old, it was the most chosen surgery, while patients age 35-50 actually chose liposuction more frequently.

More statistics for 2009 will be released soon from other professional groups. We look forward to comparing them and continuing this discussion of cosmetic surgery trends.

Read the ASAPS press release


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