A pretty 2012

Ahhh, tis’ the new year. Which means making (and breaking) those infamous resolutions. Every year most of us start out with a long, thoughtfully crafted list that dramatically gets whittled down around February.  By March we’ve all but written off my resolutions checklist, blaming lack of time (and willpower). Then, from April through November, we beat ourselves up for not achieving better gym ethic, saving more money, losing weight, eating healthier, and mastering Words With Friends. Well, as they say: out with the old and in with the new…

That’s right. New year, new list! And in honor of making 2012 a pretty one, here are some attainable beauty resolutions worth putting on your radar, AND some specials to help your budget from Davis Plastic Surgery!

Taking better care of your skin: It would be great if we could simply “exchange” our skin for a newer, healthier version every so many years – but since we can’t, it’s critical to show your skin some attention. All the oldies but goodies remain true. Washing your face every night, slathering on the SPF daily (30+), and drinking enough water will all pay big dividends in your skin’s health.  If 2011 brought you some new ‘beauty spots’ on your face that are unwanted – zap them with IPL!

Pampering your hands: Hands are the first giveaway of a person’s age. And it’s no wonder with the stress we put them through (namely cleaning and harsh weather). The most important rule? Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. And don’t forget your hands need SPF, too!

Showing your neck some love: It’s easy to forget about our “décolletage” but the neck and chest areas need just as much love as your face. Don’t forget to moisturize these parts (at night slather on a rich body crème), and apply a strong SPF during the day.  We can barely keep Nectifirm on our shelves – patients love it!  Fraxel laser is also a very popular treatment to tighten up that ‘not so tight’ neck skin.

Keeping it clean: When life is extra busy, our makeup bag is the last thing we think about cleaning (and you know it’s time when your lip gloss has formed a “crust” around the rim). To clean your bag, empty out its contents and use a clean dish sponge, soap and water to give the inside a good scrub. (Let air dry completely before putting contents back.) For your eye and lip pencils, simply sharpen them to remove any germs or dirt. For lip gloss, mascaras, or items that tend to form buildup around the rim, use a tissue and alcohol to remove the gunk. And don’t forget about your makeup brushes! It’s recommended to wash these weekly to avoid breakouts.

While these beauty goals sound easy enough, according to a study done by Bristol University only 12% actually achieve their New Year’s plan. So how does one join the 12% club? Whether your list includes these beauty to-dos or more depthful goals – here are some easy (yet effective) strategies to ensure they don’t fall by the wayside:

Keep it real: If your goals are ultra unrealistic, or read like a War and Peace novel, your chances for success are slim. Set realistic goals and keep the number of them manageable.

Own it: Share your resolutions with close friends and family members. By doing this, you’re publicly “owning” your goals and will have the added bonus of having bragging rights when you achieve them.

Reward it: It’s hard to stay motivated if you never reward yourself!  If your goal is a 20 lb weight loss, after you’ve lost the first 5 reward yourself with a new gym outfit.  Lost 10?  New running shoes!  Lost 20?!  Congratulations!  If there are still areas left over that you don’t like – treat yourself to CoolSculpting!

Here’s to a pretty 2012. What do your New Year’s resolutions include?






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