A Brand New Willa

Dr. Davis recently preformed a facelift on a very happy patient who wanted to share “The New Willa” and how thrilled she is with her fresh, youthful look. 

What made me consider having plastic surgery?

For a few years I had begun to see the lines and sagging that only nature can bring.  I was still in the work force and I wanted to maintain a still youthful appearance.






Why did I choose Dr. Davis and Davis Plastic Surgery above other plastic surgeons?

I did a lot of research on doctors in the Raleigh area and asked a lot of questions as well.  After I did my homework on Dr. Glenn Davis, and after my consultation I knew he was the only one I trusted with my face.  When you walk into his office the attention you get from his staff makes you feel like you are the number one and only client that walks through that door.

What procedures and treatments did you have?

I had a full face lift and over the past 5 months I have had three fraxel treatments.  I have had Botox and fillers for facial lines.

How did those treatments help you regain your confidence and self-esteem?

The face life was far more than I expected and the best thing I ever could have done for myself.  I was able to go out with my much younger friends and I have never felt that I was not a part of their circle.  The fraxel made a world of difference in the texture of my skin.

How has your life changed since your surgery?

It’s unbelievable to be able to dress and still think, “Yes I do still look great!”

How have people in your inner circle reacted to your new look?

I just love going out with my 50 year old daughter and people think we are twins!! Sometimes they think she is my older sister!

What advice would you give others seeking to have plastic surgery?

Only to go to Dr. Glenn Davis.  Don’t try to re-think the decision to have plastic surgery.  Just know that in a few weeks, your life will have changed more than you will ever expect.

What would you say to people who are opposed to plastic surgery and bash it?

Please don’t judge me for wanting to maintain my appearance and self-esteem.  Make no judgment until you reach the time in your life when you regret that you don’t look as good as you use to.  Make no judgment until you have made a decision that can change your life forever.





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