Say hello to the CoolFit™ Applicator

Intelligently designed for versatility.

Say hello to the CoolFit™ Applicator, an exciting addition to the CoolSculpting® product line. The CoolFit applicator’s advanced engineering design features a flat applicator cup and larger cooling plates, enabling treatment of more areas and more patients than ever before.  We are extremely happy to be able to offer patients of Davis Plastic Surgery yet another new applicator for an even better CoolSculpting experience.  As the first trained in the Raleigh/Durham area, we are excited to add another tool to our arsenal.


Call Davis Plastic Surgery today to find out if we can treat YOUR area of unwanted fat with the CoolFit applicator by calling (919) 785-1220 or email us at


Longer Cooling Plates
Maximizes treatment area with 38% greater cooling surface than CoolCore™

Flat Applicator Cup
Ideal for longer fat bulges

Unique Applicator Design
Easily treat hard-to-reach bulges

In-Line CoolCard Insertion
Patient-friendly design



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