The Lowdown on The ‘Lifestyle Lift.’

After recently being investigated and eventually settling, Lifestyle Lift is once again in hot water.  The settlement follows the office’s investigation of allegations surrounding the accuracy and fairness of claims made to consumers about facial rejuvenation services they provided.

“Lifestyle Lift has agreed to change its marketing materials and practices to eliminate any possible consumer confusion about its services,” stated Attorney General Pam Bondi.


We get questions about this procedure from time to time, and remind patients that Lifestyle lift is a marketing company that markets heavily. What a great infomercial! It sells a product and the product is a fantastic new, “revolutionary” procedure developed by a guru of Plastic Surgery who was concerned about patients’ inability to afford “traditional procedures”……… Right?  Not so fast.  Let’s analyze their marketing claims.

Claim: The product is defines as a revolutionary procedure- False.  There is no published description of a Lifestyle Lift in Medical Literature which defines it as unique.

Claim: Recovery time is quicker than “traditional procedures”-False. Any procedure, including an injectable can lead to bruising. Lifestyle Lift patients can and do have extended down times.

Claim: Lifestyle Lift is safer than “traditional procedures”-False. There is no statistical data to prove this. This is simply code for the fact that you won’t be receiving sedation. In other words, you will be awake for the procedure. You will be awake for all of the local anesthesia shots required, and the noises and odors of the procedure. Why? This helps Lifestyle Lift get around having to pay for an Anesthesiologist or CRNA, IV sedatives, a crash cart, monitoring equipment, post anesthesia recovery personnel (Registered Nurse), and the cost of certifying/ maintaining an accredited ambulatory care surgical facility.

Claim: Lifestyle Lift takes “about an hour”-False. Simply read the reviews posted on a website such as that has actual patient reviews.   In summary, like most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!167602864_640



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