Non-surgical options

Jenna Fitzgerald, RN

Facing yourself in the mirror each morning can be a joyful experience if you take care  of your skin, address premature aging, and avoid skin damage. When it comes to the health and beauty of your skin, you’ve probably inherited a lot from your parents, but they didn’t have any of the technological advances available to you. Add to your internal inheritance the outside elements like smog, winds, and the summer heat in North Carolina, and your skin will have a lot to contend with. But living in central NC also gives you access to all of the options and advantages available in today’s world of cosmetic technology.

Jenna developed advanced techniques under the guidance of Dr. Davis and other leaders in the Botox and dermal fillers field. In addition, her background with both surgical and non surgical procedures provides the basis for expert consultations.  As a patient herself, Jenna really understands what results women are looking to achieve.  She understands natural, beautiful results and provides exceptional patient recovery care. Jenna is skilled in both Botox and Dysport, facial fillers, Fraxel, laser resurfacing, professional skincare products and chemical peels.

  “The thing I like best about injecting is the wow effect – I love it! The immediate result the patient can appreciate from the treatment chair is amazing. The patient walks out of the office feeling and looking good.” – Jenna Fitzgerald, RN

Contact our office for more information on our non-surgical procedures or visit our website to contact Jenna directly. 


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