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Look And Feel Great This Spring, Despite Allergy Symptoms

During allergy season, many women find themselves reaching for tissues and wondering why they even bothered putting on eye makeup in the morning.  It seems exceptionally rough in Raleigh this Spring!

Women often report that eye allergy symptoms like red, puffy eyes make them look exhausted or like they have been crying. Itchy eyes can lead to frequent rubbing, which can cause makeup to smudge. As a result, many women say they feel tired and unattractive during allergy season. That’s at least three months per year of potential misery!  Additionally, many contact lens wearers with eye allergies say that their allergy symptoms make them feel ‘uncomfortable’ when wearing their contacts and cause disruption to their beauty routines.

Feel Your Best

  • For allergy sufferers who want to wear or remain in contacts, some doctors recommend daily disposable lenses such as 1-DAY ACUVUE® MOIST® Brand Contact Lenses.  Putting in a clean, fresh lens every day minimizes the potential for accumulation of allergens and irritants that can often build up with repeated use of the same pair of lenses.
  • Some doctors also recommend being cautious with allergy pills that claim to ease allergy symptoms. Quite frequently, allergy medication can dry the eyes. Try taking it at night if you still need to take something so the drying effect is not as dramatic. Talk to your doctor about what medication(s) are best for you.
  • Use transient-preserved or preservative-free artificial tears.
  • Talk to your Eye Care Professional about any questions or concerns you have regarding eye health or the proper wear and care of your contact lenses. He or she can work with you to determine the appropriate lens and replacement frequency for you, as well as other solutions to eye related problems.

Look Your Best

  • Put in your contact lenses before applying any makeup. This will help prevent makeup residue from getting on your lenses, so you’ll avoid eye irritation from makeup particles.
  • Try using a cold compress to ease redness, puffiness and dark circles – but better yet, try cold sliced fresh potatoes underneath your eyes — the enzyme catecholase (or catechol oxidase) helps diminish dark circles.
  • To offset bloodshot eyes, we recommend using bluish eyeliner on your inner rims. Cobalt and emerald eye liner were everywhere at the spring 2013 runway shows, such as Christian Dior and Anna Sui.   You can also use light, shimmery champagne-colored shadow — instead of dark smoky eye makeup — to draw in light and brighten your eyes.
  • Rely on waterproof formulas for mascara and eyeliner, as allergy-sufferers are often prone to watery, teary eyes, which can cause the “raccoon” effect. In case you are tearing up, an oil-absorbing sheet can be used to blot into lower lashes, and remove hints of oil and waxiness.
  • Pollen is worse in the mornings.  If possible, stay indoors until early afternoon.  If you do spend an extended period of time outside, make sure to cover your hair or wash it as soon as you get inside.


If you’ve got a tip for looking and/or feeling good this season – email it to us at info@drgmdavis.com.  We’d love to feature it on our Pinterest or Facebook page!


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